About Us

Ottanêr Corporation (Corporación Ottaner S.A.C.), is a company founded in 2014 with the vision to design and manufacture products, mainly, for female accessories market. Ottaner Corporation, also provides services to design and produce private label accessories according to the needs of our customers.

Ottanêr Corporation works closely with communities of artisan women from Peruvian Andes, supporting them, so that they can develop some unique pieces that are later incorporated into our products. Peruvian artisans women have an ancient tradition of producing beautiful artistic expressions in various media, such as ceramics, fabric and jewelry, and their work has unique characteristics that make them globally recognizable as Peruvian handicrafts.

Our designs are inspired in Peruvian Pre- Columbian iconography that, ancient cultures like Mochica, Chimú, Nazca, Inca, etc, have left us as a legacy in different elements such as pottery, walls, jewelry and fabrics, which we have stylized and modernized, according to global fashion trends, to be applied in several accessories able to compete with any International accessories brand.

Our products combine different material like alpaca or sheep wool, cow leather, chambira fiber among other in order to provide something different and beautiful.