About Sophie Ottanêr

Sophie Ottanêr is a young brand, that was born from its founders' dream to create beautiful, original and high-quality products, mainly for female accessories market. Our clients see our products as beautiful, modern, urban and stylish but at the same time as having a very unique style that uses Peruvian rich cultural legacy (pre Columbian iconography) as a source of inspiration.

Being a young company, Sophie Ottanêr has been able to sell its products in very important markets such as The United States of America and Canada.

We work with artisan women from Peruvian highlands who help us in different stages of our production process.

Our designs are inspired in Peruvian pre-columbian iconography that, ancient cultures like Mochica, Chimú, Nazca, Inca, etc, have left us as a legacy in different elements such as pottery, walls, jewelry and fabrics, which we have stylized and modernized , according to global fashion trends, to be applied in several accessories capable of competing with any International accessories brand.

Our products combine different materials like alpaca or sheep wool, cow leather, chambira fiber among others in order to provide something different and beautiful.

Sophie Ottanêr is a registered brand of Corporacion Ottaner SAC which is based in Lima, Peru.